Professional Soft clay High-quality Polymer Clay Oven Baking DIY Handmade Prototype Material Soil Carving Ceramic Doll Clay500g



weight: 500g

colour: Black, gray, pink skin, light skin, white

Type of Wholesale: No

Set Type: No

500g professional soft clay high-quality polymer clay oven baking DIY handmade prototype material soil carving ceramic doll clay

Instructions for use:

1. Before styling, please wash your hands, clean the product area and completely squeeze out the clay.

2. Use a temperature-controlled oven for baking and molding. Generally speaking, it takes about 15 minutes to prepare a thickness of 1 cm at 120 degrees. After baking, put it in the oven to cool down and take it out.

3. You can mix different colors to create new colors. It can also be painted after baking, because the color is preferably acrylic or oily.

4. Unburned clay can be sealed and stored in a cool place. Clay can be used, blowing in the wind, kneading for a long time. It will not deform after baking and is waterproof. The product can be baked many times with a sticky stick.

Color: black, gray, pink skin, light skin, white

Material: polymer clay

Specification: 14*5*5CM

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