LED Magnetic Pickup Tool, Men's Gifts for Dad Telescoping Pick Up Stick Magnet Flashlight Unique Cool Tool Gadget for Men

$49 $55


  • Easily Pickup From Hard to Reach Places --- This Magnetic Pickup Tool with LED is both magnet and light, making seeing and snagging easier than ever when finding nuts, bolts, and tools if they fall in hard to reach places.
  • A Big Hit Gift for Men. Gift Wrap Available --- The Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tools will be unique and cool gifts for men, dad, husband as Father's Day gifts, birthday gifts, Thanksgiving Day gifts, Christmas gifts/ stocking stuffers, or other gift-giving occasions. It's also a practical tool for a handyman, electrician, mechanics, construction worker, woodworking, automotive technician, and home DIYer when repairing, fixing, or working on the engine.
  • 360° Illuminate and Retrieve --- This Flexible LED Magnetic Pickup Tool does it all: it flexes, it lights, it magnetizes, and it picks lost objects up easily. It even bends and goes into the crevice where lost objects lie. Inside the magnet pickup tool are 3 LED bulbs that provide bright light to illuminate dark spaces. Even a man with everything will be happy to add this cool gift to his toolbox.
  • Extendable, Compact, and Handy --- magnetic pickup tool utilizes a stainless steel telescoping stick that extends from 6.75-inches to 22.5-inches with two magnetic ends with enough lifting capacity. Compact size fits right for storage in the toolbox or a drawer. A cool tool gift for Dad especially for handymen or mechanics.

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