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Material: Mesh + Cotton Thread

Embroidery Frame Size: 20cm/7.87inch

Operation Steps (see the instruction manual for specific steps):

1. Start embroidery, make a knot, and threading embroidery thread.

2. Put the embroidered cloth on the embroidered frame and fix it to start embroidering.

3. Embroidery according to the pattern on the embroidery fabric by the needle method of the instruction manual.

4. End embroidery and process the embroidery thread.

5. Frame decoration for your preference, or as home decoration for pillow cover, etc.

Packing list:

Flower thread* 1

Drawing* 1

Needle * 2

Frame * 1

Printed cloth*1


1. Embroidery Beginner kit, including all necessary tools: Printed embroidery cloth, embroidery thread, embroidery frame, embroidery needle, instruction manual.

2. The embroidery frame comes with an adjustment screw, which you can tighten when you need it to keep the fabric as tight as a drum.

3. Perfect gift for family and friends; or DIY finished embroidery with your children is also very pleased.

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