Digital Mug Heat Press Sublimation Printing Machine For DIY Gift Mugs Making 11oz



1.Easy to use - Arrives fully assembled and ready to use

2.Digital LCD timer- Preset desired time and an audible alarm will sound when time is complete; helps avoid over explosion.

3.Digital LCD temperature control-Set the desired temperature and element will stop heating when preset temperature is reached.

4.Adjustable tension screw- Easy to access, turn-style adjustment allows the pressure to be adjusted accordingly to ensure accurate pressure and clean transfers.

5.Teflon coated element- Mug element is Teflon coated.The non-stick surface prevents transfers from scorching.



Main Color: Black 

Main Material: Metal

Voltage: 220V Or 110V /50Hz/


Time Range: 0-999 Seconds

Temp. Range: 0-400℃

Mug Diameter: 8.3cm


Machine Size:38*35*32cm

Suitable for Mug size: 11oz



1. When you change the different mug wrap, you must close the machine and remove the power lead. When the mug wrap is hot please wear heat insulation gloves. 

2. Avoiding heating the mug wrap for long periods of time without a mug in place. If this is likely to happen then use a sacrificial mug in the mug press to avoid prolonged damage to the wrap. 

3. When use the machine, don’t touch the heat part to prevent burning. 

4. In the process of using, don’t touch the pressure spring to prevent the possible damage. 

5. Engaging the handle: if the pressure is too great, please adjust the thread wheel otherwise, it may damage the machine. 

6. The temperature is shown in “Celsius” 

7. Avoid children using the mug press. 


Package Includes:

1*Fully-assembled machine

1*Operating instructions


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