Arthritis Support Brace Infrared Heating Therapy Knee Pad Rehabilitation Pain Relief Assistance Recovery Aid Arthritis Knee


Item Type: Braces & Supports


1.Made of elastic neoprene material and adjustable straps fits different girths of legs or arms and maximizing comfort on skin.

Ergonomic for the knee, shoulder and elbow design, can be fixed on any joints.

2.Fast-heating electric knee pad, provides ultra comfy hot therapy for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery, keeps knee warm, can also be used on calfs, thighs, arms to relieve muscle soreness and cramps.

3.3 heat-settings are optional, can meet people's various need of heat therapy.

4.Portable to use, it can be pluged in any power supplies with usb port, such as power bank, PC, laptop, desktop computer, car charger.

5.Multi-functional, it's designed for knee, but can be used on calf, thigh, arm as well if need be.

6.Great for use when you're watching TV or reading book on sofa at home, when you'reworking in front of computer, or even during your travel.

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