8 Colors Fluorescent Face Body Art Paint UV Glow Oil Painting


Ingredient: Environmentally Friendly Non-toxic


Suitable for both day and night use. 

Bright, colored under UV lighting, the paints give off an immense fluorescent glow under UV lighting / blacklights. 

These paints are easily applied, dry quickly on the skin and last all night.

Avoid contact with eye.



Color: 8 Colors

Size: Approx.12*8cm(L*W)

Remove With Soap & Water

Adult Supervision Recommended For Children Under 14 Year

Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years Of Age



1. When using it, dip the tip of the pen with a little water and then apply the paint.

2. Select the color that oneself like, and paint it directly with a brush.

3. Remover: Wipe with the wet towel to remove makeup, safe and non-toxic.



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