45 Colors UV Resin Glue 10ml Epoxy Glue Hard Ultraviolet Curing DIY UV Glue color Resin Jewelry Making Quick Drying Glue Clear



Jewelry Findings Type: Other


Material: UV glue

Curing method: UV curing

Matters needing attention: UV glue needs to be irradiated with ultraviolet rays to solidify. It is recommended to use this product with an ultraviolet lamp. This product adopts a special "LED ultraviolet lamp", and the curing time of 36W ultraviolet lamp is 2-3 minutes.

Specification: 10ml/bottle

Color: ginger, dark orange, dark gray, coffee, purple peony, dark purple, blue, gray blue, army green, navy blue, black, white, matcha, beige, wheat, light orange, aloe Grass green, lavender, pink, malachite green, warm grey, coral, coral pink, mint green, light yellow, light pink, dark pink, light blue green, light mint, apple green, chartreuse, grey green, red, peach , light purple, purple, violet, light blue, royal blue, sky blue, yellow, dark green, orange, gold, silver

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