3 Hoops Cage Petticoat Underskirt for Women Party Wedding Skirt Bustle

$40.95 $81.49


This black/white hoop cage skirt long pannier 3 hoops crinoline not only support skirts and dresses of the Victorian era,medieval/renaissance dress,or your wedding gown,it is also a very impressive item when worn alone,you can decorated with flowers or fashion jewelry.

Made of steel bones and polyester fabric.Elastic closure.Elastic waist,One size.

It is an amazing accessory for photo shoot, party,film,events as well as a part of theater and stage costumes.

Petticoat Victorian Hoop Skirt Cage Petticoat Dress Pannier Hoops Bustle Cage Crinoline. Petticoat Women Victorian Bustle Cages Hoop Skirt Cage Skirt for Women

Material: Polyester

Waist about 50-96cm

Diameter about 60cm

Length about 45cm

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