Baby Girl Tulle Princess Pageant Wedding Party Dress Matching Shoes Dress Headband 3 Piece Set

€23,68 €36,65


  • The puffy, layered soft tulle short sleeve dress is decorated with lace embroidery.
  • Fully cotton lining for a smooth and comfortable fit.
  • Set includes matching dress, shoe, lace headband and tights
  • Dress is perfect for wedding, birthday, baptism, or any other special occasion
  • Everything you need is comes in gift box.

3M dress+ 11 size shoes / 6M dress+12 size shoes

9M  12M dress+13 size shoes / 18M  24M dress+14 size shoes


shoes length: size 11: lengt 10.5cm ; size 12: length 11cm; size 13: length:11.5cm ; size 14: length 12cm.

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