Floating Erasable Water-based Magic Whiteboard Marker Pen Tile Repair Wall Grout for Teaching Kids DIY Drawing Early Education


Item: Magical Water Painting Pen


This product can only be painted on a smooth porcelain spoon or mirror glass to achieve the effect in the video. Please don't draw on the plastic spoon so the pattern won't float on the water!! !!



Use this magic pen to draw on the spoon. When encountering water, the drawn animals will float on their own, which is very fun!!!


1. Get your float pen, spoon, paper towel, and a big bowl of water ready.

2. Wipe the spoon clean with a paper towel, free of water and other debris.

3. Draw the pattern you want on the spoon (connect them together, or they will fall apart.)

4. It is recommended to draw the outline first and then fill it, the effect will be better

5. Wait a few seconds, then slowly put it into the water.

6. The painting is separated from the spoon, take out the spoon, and you're done


Type:Whiteboard Pens (floating pen)


Color:As the Pictures Show

Size:Around 13cm/5.12inch

Occasion: Home, School, Office, etc.

Package Include: 8/12 pcs for choose (please see the picture about the color included)

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