1pcs Beer Bong Shotgunning Tool Bottle Opener Keychain



Beer Bong Shotgunning Tool Shotgun Tool Bottle Opener Keychain Great For Party Favors Party Wedding Gift Kitchen Utensils

bottle opener keychain--beer bong shotgunning tool

This shooting tool will be the perfect portable beer pipe you can order.

Punch a hole in the side of the can and pour the beer like a pro (don't forget the top opening if you want to increase flow).

It drills a clean hole without any serrated surface. Therefore, it is much safer.

Bottle opener It has a metal strip to facilitate the opening of beer bottles or any alcohol bottle.

Includes keychain so you can use it as a keychain.

Take it with you wherever you go

Size: total length 7.5cm, width 1.6cm, height 2.4cm, 2-4mm thick


Package content:

1x bottle opener

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